Tuesday, 28 December 2010

.a reflection of 2010.


so, i am now 38 weeks and 2 days (who's counting?).  this means that i could have this little stinker any day now - 38 to 42 weeks is the norm.  so, we wait.  

with every twinge or pain, i feel myself being a little more aware...

in the last 2 weeks, it has been a busy household, with christmas, and other commitments, appointments, sickness, and even a debacle with our dog, luda.  it has been cray-cray around here.  so, with christmas over, and sickness almost (please god) gone, i am ready to get back to posting.

this post is all about the last year.  in fact, one year ago today, nick and i were in paris together - and on this very day, he proposed to me!  it was magical, and i will never forget it.  now if anyone would have told me what was going to happen during this year, i would have NEVER believed them...things were SO different then!  i will paint you a picture...

last year, nick and i lived together in los angeles.  we had just moved out of our massive downtown loft and studio traded that for  a much slower and quieter pasadena house.  we were enjoying our simple-ish lives together, with minimal responsibility to anyone other than to each other and our fur baby, luda (sounds disgusting - i am aware).  as i mentioned, we had come to europe for the holidays - and a surprise trip to paris left us engaged and bright-eyed heading into the new year.  i came home to boxes in our new house, luda, and without nick.  it sucked, but he had to wait for his visa so he could return to america.  i had a work trip planned in costa rica the last week of january, and the day i left, was the day he came home - we actually spent 2 hours together at the denny's by lax before having to part again.  the rest of the year was a lot of travel for both of us - nick's band touring, and me going places to work...oh yeah, and MOVING TO ANOTHER COUNTRY!

so i started the year 29, without child, and engaged - in america, and finished the year 30, knocked up, married, and living in england.  wtf?!  so crazy, and i have never been happier.  well, i am super stressed at the moment, but i am genuinely happy.  happy with what my life and future look like, with the man that i truly love, who puts up with my shit, and compliments me in every way - my shortcomings are his strengths, and vice versa.  i am having a baby - I AM HAVING A BABY!!!!  and am so excited (terrified) to become a mommy, i can't even tell you.

anyway, so it was a huge year, a crazy year.  looking forward to what 2011 brings.  here is a wrap up of 2010 in pictures...

the loft and luda

going to paris!

le sigh...so pretty

happy girl

my gorgeous ring that nick designed himself!

our engagement party

our bedroom in our new pasadena house

our dining room

our awesome backyard...lots of bbq's

costa rica

leaving on a jet plane

at the dog park

valentine's day party

out with my love

working in the desert


80's party

in laguna with my mom

gettin picked up in austin



out with the crew

i became an aunt for the first time!

and a mommy!

my belly

 we got hitched

nick turned 27

 i got tired...so did luda

we had a baby shower

 michael jackson came

my sister turned 25

we went to palm springs

palm springs

out with some of our best friends

the dog beach!

leaving on a jet plane...to my new home

 the view

my new home

i baked a pie, and nick decorated...


breastfeeding class

a belly pic

i turned 30, and got THIS!

we skyped with luda on christmas

and now we wait for a little boy to get here...



  1. You had quite an eventful year! Love all the pictures. That stroller is incredible...you're going to look so swanky :)

  2. What an amazing post Mia!! Congrats on all that you have accomplished last year and what you will accomplish this year! you are going to be an amazing mother! XO