Monday, 13 December 2010

.drink, pee, repeat.

so it's been a week since i last wrote - it's been a little crazy over here getting ready for christmas and a baby.  but, i'm back!

to update, i think that my little monster has turned around into the proper position, because my bladder is, umm,, super turbo active.  let's hope so, anyway, i will have another appt. with my midwife on wednesday to find out.  fingers crossed!!

so this is how it goes - i seriously can't get enough water!  i drink it all day everyday, and that's pretty much all i drink except for the occasional cup of tea (i love england!), a shake, or if i juice something.  besides that, it is H20 all the way.  (ok, ok, i have had like 2 bottles of coke randomly since i have been here...but it was BOTTLES!!!  the best!!!)

anyway, it seems that drinking lots of water makes you have to pee - who knew?!  jk.  put that together with being pregnant, and it's worse.  put that together with being LATE in your pregnancy, and it is almost comical!  i get up through the night, i pretty much pee every 30 mins, and almost always feel like i could pee due to my little man tap dancing on my bladder (let's hope he is actually head butting it though).

ok, and this is totally t.m.i., but that's ok, because this is my blog, and i will say what i but even when i am done peeing, have wiped, whatever - sometimes (ok, most of the time) i go to get up, and more pee comes out!  that shit ain't funny!  ok, it is, especially if you pee on yourself accidentally.  and i am not too proud to say that the other day i peed on my own foot.  i was at home THANK GOD! but i was was totally gross, but i couldn't have helped it if i tried!  not a lot of pee, just a dribble (so gross).  some of you will be shaking your heads, remembering the days...and some of you will be sitting in horror, deciding that you don't want to have a baby EVER.  

don't fear too much, you learn how to cope with these special little things that your body does to drive you insane during pregnancy.  for example, i do this awesome side, front lean when i think i am done, and usually this maneuver pushes more out...not sure why or how, but i am thankful.

here are a couple of images of my belly today - i am absolutely HUGE!  i know the quality is terrible (especially for a photographer), but they are from photobooth on my mac book pro.  i just wanted a little instant gratification...


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