Wednesday, 1 December 2010

.december 1st.

is it really december 1st already?!  yep.  

this means that i am 34 weeks and 3 days along.  a little over 5 weeks to go now.  i can not believe how quickly this baby is coming, not to mention christmas - i have been in england for over 2 months!  i keep telling myself to slow down, and savor the last bit of time i have alone with nick, the last days of the easiest mothering i will ever do, and the last bit of time that i don't care that my midsection isn't flat.  

it's important to slow down.

today i had my 34 week appointment with my midwife - we don't do doctors here unless something is very wrong.  her name is lesley, and she is a really nice lady.  there is no guarantee that she will deliver jackson though, which kinda sucks.  isn't it nice to build a rapport with the person who delivers your child?  i guess there is no real guarantee in america that you will be delivered by your doctor - we have all seen knocked up - they could go on vacation, have an emergency...anything.  so, yes, i have made peace with the fact that i have a small percentage of having "my" midwife at jackson's birth.

my appointments these days are pretty straight forward...come in, pee in a cup, have a little chat about his movement, blood pressure, and hop up on the table for uncomfortable manhandling, and the very best part - listening to his heartbeat.  

this time around in her manhandling, lesley found that my naughty little boy had turned around into the breech position (head up).  last visit, he was down where he was supposed to be, but not this time.  being breech means a few things... first, if he remains in this position, i will be ineligible for the water birth i am planning to have (i will tell you more about that another time).  it also means that i am pretty likely to have a c-section if they can't turn the baby with an external cephalic version (fancy big words for manhandling and spinning the baby around from the outside of your belly).  there are of course some possible complications from that, including emergency c-section.  yay.  sounds awesome. 

so, let's all think happy thoughts, and will my son into a head down position by my next visit.  i leave you with one of the best things i have ever seen, and will be so happy if one of these just happens to land on my doorstep (the funniest part is that i'm not even joking).

can you just imaging the pictures?!  omg, someone get this for me NOW! 


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  1. hahaha ...that is AWESOME !!!! you sooo gotta get one lol x all mine went breech then flipped when they felt like...I think they just like a change of scenery for a while x