Thursday, 2 December 2010

.hi, my name is maria and i am a psycho.

"what's wrong babe?"  nick asked me, as he could see me getting upset.  "i can't control my emotions!!"  i screeched, with tears now streaming down my face.

we had just made it into the car, and i could barely hold it together on the way there.  i tried deep breathing, looking up, telling myself to knock it off - you are in public, and even the old 'yawn to make it look like you aren't upset' trick.

you must be thinking - oh my gosh, what happened?!  and the answer is, nothing really.  we had been in town to look for some nursing bras for me, and after trying on 6, with none left to try, i was empty handed and pissed.  i almost cried, but kept it in.  i was actually more discouraged than pissed, it felt like i would never find a nursing bra that was comfortable, let alone FIT me.  i still haven't, and i am still discouraged.

after the bra fiasco, we stopped at the bank - a bank that i am trying to get an account with, since i don't have one in the UK yet.  they had already turned me down once after trying to get on nick's account, so i sent in another application to get my own.  they sent that back to me, saying that i had missed one of the questions on the form, so i needed to fill out a new one and send it in AGAIN.  why they couldn't just call me to ask me the one question that i missed, i will never know.  so, we went in to get yet another packet of paperwork.  we go to the teller's window and ask for the paperwork for a new account, and she asks "what kind of account?"  we reply, "a new checking account".  she responds,  "what kind of checking account?"  really, lady?!

this ridiculous q&a session went on for about another 5 minutes, and i was boiling.  she goes to get us some paperwork finally - i just wanted out at that point.

so, we head back to the car, and i can feel myself getting upset again, and this time i didn't know if i had the strength to keep it in.

i didn't.

so - what is the point of this long-winded story?  well, i will tell you.  pregnant equals crazy.  it is so hard to handle your emotions, and sometimes it's worse than others. thankfully, i have someone like nick, who just smiles and says "it's ok baby, i don't mind if you cry - even if you think it's for no reason at all.  there is a reason, and it's called pregnancy."  and then he holds my hand.  

is he great, or what?!  i am a lucky lady - like, the luckiest.  i want to take this moment to say thank you to him for putting up with my psychotic melt downs, tears, and irrational responses to things like him calling our child "our kid".  that actually happened, and i kinda freaked, saying "don't call our baby a kid!!"  and what did i do not even a few days later?  called our baby a kid.  what a bitch.  

thank you nick.  i love you, and am so grateful for your patience and unconditional love.



  1. What a bitch.

    J/K, Stacia and I love you and know exactly how you feel.

  2. awww Mia TRUST me we have all been in the crazy bitch state! Your emotions SUCK ass when you are pregnant! I still am super emotional so I am not sure if they actually go away. You are probably thinking THANKS colleen haha but seriously i cry over commercials still! You know you have an amazing man when they can still look at you and love you, when they can be compassionate to our craziness, and still love us as we get a little chubby!!! You are blessed it sounds like!! Years down the road you will continue to praise him for those qualities! i sure as hell do. I still think how the hell has Jason stuck it out with ME for 12 yrs haha