Thursday, 25 November 2010

.start at the beginning.

well, this story begins on may 14th, 2010 - i call it the pee heard 'round the world.

nick was away on tour (he is a musician) in europe.  i had just been away working in austin, tx on a photography tv show, and had been feeling kinda crappy (and fat).  i also had been suffering from my new friend, narcolepsy.  i could sleep anytime, anywhere - it was completely crazy.  my period didn't seem late, but i was never "regular" anyway, so i thought nothing of it.  my boobs were hurting, and when i say hurting, i mean HURTING! so, i guess it was safe to say that when my girlfriend sarah told me about 10 times to take a test, she was right.

luckily, i had a spare test sitting around the house (as all of us responsible twenty-somethings do...) sarah was over, so i got up from my mid-day nap (surprise, surprise) and did an unannounced sneak test.  i opened it, peed on the stick, and put it down to wait my 2:30 out.  it was the longest 10 seconds of my life - wait, did i say 10 seconds?  why, yes, i did - because when i happened to glance down at the test, the answer was already there - SCREAMING the obvious.


i felt a woosh over my entire body.  i was literally so pregnant that not even the pregnancy test had to take a third of it's normal time to figure it out.  i was feeling a little faint, and started to breathe.  hard.

by this time, i had been in the bathroom for a little longer than normal, and i hear sarah say "well......?"  i come out of the bathroom - in shock - and start crying, test in hand. not a cry of shame or sadness, more a cry of disbelief and reality.  i was so desperate for nick to be there, but he was 6,000 miles away AND gone for another few weeks.

i cried for a couple of minutes, and with each minute, the shock melted away, and the happy set in.  we celebrated that night by visiting some food trucks in the area.  it was really fun having a little secret, and sometimes blurting out - "i found out i was pregnant today!!" to strangers.  i still needed to tell nick, but the time difference wouldn't allow me to speak to him until later.

i wanted to tell him face to face, so i decided to skype him.  i wanted to see his reaction, and feel like i was there with him.  i had to wait until after 1am, which was excruciating.  finally, i saw his face, and in my semi-shaky voice said "babe, i'm pregnant" this is what his reaction looked like:

i was ready with the screenshot setup, so that i could have the exact second forever.  of course, i started crying, and so did he.  the only way it could have been better, would be if he was in the same room.



  1. haha So stinking cute and anyone that has every been pregnant knows exactly what you are talking about! Love Nick's face too haha

  2. Nick looks happy... and scared to death! Thanks for sharing this amazing moment with us :)